Creative Solution:

The goal with this packaging design was to create a container for tea bags which was creative and gave the buyer a sense of allure as to what is within.  I used the name THE TEA CHEST to echo the mystery of treasure chests… open the chest – what is inside?

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The packaging was designed for the college project, design and create a packaging theme for an exciting new Tea bag label.


I researched different types of tea bag packaging design and used this phase of the development process to visit a range of supermarkets and a specialist tea shop in London.  I also took the opportunity to gain some experience at STOCKS TAYLOR BENSON, a design agency recently positioned 52nd in The Design Week Top 100 UK design agency ranks.

STOCKS TAYLOR BENSON recently completed a packaging project for a top tea company.  I was therefore able to get an insight into exactly what is required of such brief in the real-world.  The advice I received from STB was valuable and helped steer me to delivering the best response to my brief in particular with my logo design and pattern work.

I studied the use of patterns for the 3 chosen tea origins – England, China and India.  These were created in Macromedia Freehand to ensure the vectors could be tessellated without losing any quality.