Creative Solution:

This website was created during my time at De Montfort University in Leicester.  I was tasked with creating my own interactive website from an open final major profect brief, a brief that was given to open ideas and expand barriers.  Many chose to use this time to create a portfolio with-a-difference, but I wanted to try something new and challenging; so I created a social network.

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The brief for the project was to design and create a working interactive website of your choosing.


So how did the idea of creating a website of a road trip come about?

For a number of reasons, really!  I knew if this project was of my own choosing that would take over the majority of my final university year I must have a deep passion for what I was doing. I researched a wide range of websites that provide user interaction, such as the likes of social giants Facebook and Twitter, but also others such as eBay and Tumblr.
By combining topics of personal interest; Classic Minis, Top Gear, Social Media and Road Trips; I came up with an idea of a European road trip of 3 Classic Minis with website functionality to challenge the drivers during the trip.  By using video, image and audio technologies content can be uploaded via mobile devices and responses can be made to challenges submitted to the Minis during the trip.  Users can support challenges and bid to reach the challenge total in order for it to go ahead.  Precedes would go to a charity of our choosing.
I was really pleased with the result, and enjoyed designing the parallax scrolling header image which reacts to mouse movement across the screen.  On the day of my presentation I uploaded a photo with the title ‘Weather could be better in Leicester’ and in doing so proved uploading from mobile devices was fully functioning and the website was in state ready to go.