Creative Solution:

The goal with this logo was to combine a number ideas together, that of the popular BMW designed MINI, the characters of the classic Mini portrayed in the 1969 ‘The Italian Job’ film, and the peoples’ passion for adventure.

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The logo was designed for the university final major self-proposed project, design and create a website incorporating interactive design.

Researching the classic Mini scene gave me an insight into the dedication owners of the original classic possess.  Many hours are put into looking after a classic, ensuring it is fit for an adventure, and this may come across in the logo in a subjectively subliminal heart shape created with 2 of the 3 minis from birds-eye view and the number 3.
A vector tyre texture was created in Adobe Illustrator which will bring this logo to life when used at a large scale, such as billboards, signs and PC wallpaper.  It is possible use the logo in animation as it is easy to see how the cars could, as an idea, drive on-screen to add ‘3’ and ‘S’ to the BMW-styled ‘MINI’ lettering
With the logo being used during a road trip, identities of the current location could be included, such as the Eiffel Tower when in Paris, or The Colosseum when in Rome.  This would bring the logo to life.